Immunohistopathological findings in the lungs of ...



Title Immunohistopathological findings in the lungs of calves naturally infected with Mycoplasma bovis
Author(s) A. Khodakaram-Tafti, Alfonso Lopez
Journal Journal of Veterinary Medicine Series A: Physiology Pathology Clinical Medicine
Date 2004
Volume 51
Issue 1
Start page 10
End page 14
Abstract Histology and immunohistochemistry were used to analyse the lesions and distribution of Mycoplasma bovis antigen in the lungs of 18 naturally infected calves. Microscopic examination of pneumonic lungs revealed two distinct patterns of necrosis and inflammation. The first pattern was observed in six of 18 (33.3%) calves in which microscopic lesions were characterized by large irregular areas of coagulative necrosis surrounded by a dense zone of degenerated neutrophils. Moderate amounts of mycoplasmal antigen were in the centre and periphery of these necrotic foci and, to a lesser extent, in mononuclear cells of the peribronchial lymphoid tissue. The second pattern was observed in 18 of 18 (100%) calves and consisted of rounded foci of caseous necrosis composed by granular eosinophilic material surrounded by a rim of granulation tissue. Large amounts of M. bovis antigen were detected in the centre and periphery of these necrotic foci and, to a lesser extent, in the peribronchial lymphoid tissue, and alveolar and interstitial macrophages. It was concluded that both caseous and coagulative necrosis of the lung parenchyma was primarily caused by M. bovis. Infection with M. bovis should be suspected in bovine necrotic bronchopneumonia, particularly in cases in which the pulmonary necrosis is part of a pyogranulomatous inflammation centred around airways. The pattern of caseous necrosis with pyogranulomatous inflammation is characteristic of M. bovis infection while the pattern of coagulative necrosis is similar to and must be differentiated from Mannheimia haemolytica and Haemophilus somnus infection.

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