Assessing the agreement between Ostertagia ostertagi ...



Title Assessing the agreement between Ostertagia ostertagi ELISA tests performed using the crude adult antigen and the adult and larval stage 4 excretory/secretory antigens
Author(s) F. Sithole, Ian R. Dohoo, R. J. Frederick Markham, J. Sanchez
Journal Veterinary Parasitology
Date 2005
Volume 134
Issue 1-2
Start page 147
End page 152
Abstract The objective of this study was to determine the agreement between ELISA tests conducted using three O. ostertagia antigens: crude adult worm, larval stage 4 (L4) excretory/secretory (ES) and adult ES. This study was carried out on 289 Holstein cows from five herds in Prince Edward Island and one herd in Nova Scotia. Composite milk samples of these cows were collected (between May and September 2002) from the respective provincial laboratories and sent to the Atlantic Veterinary College where each sample was tested for antibodies to O. Ostertagi using an indirect microtitre ELISA test. Results were expressed as optical density ratio (ODR) values. Each milk sample was tested with three ELISA tests, with each test using a different O. ostertagi antigen. There was a slight rise in ODR values of both adult antigens, between May and August, with higher values obtained using the adult ES antigen. L4 ES ODR values were generally higher than those for both adult antigens during the study period, except for May. There was a more dramatic rise in L4 ES ODR values between May and August. Rises in ODR in May and end of July coincided with periods of mass maturation of L4 to adult worms. The results of the study showed that the concordance correlation coefficient (CCC) between tests performed using both ES and the crude antigens were low (crude adult versus adult ES=0.31, crude adult versus L4 ES=0.30). The highest CCC was observed between tests done using both ES antigens (CCC=0.56). Generally, the study results suggest that the antibody response (detectable by the ELISA) is mainly directed against ES antigens (especially L4) than the crude adult worm antigen.
DOI 10.1016/j.vetpar.2005.06.013

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