Milk antibodies against Ostertagia ostertagi



Title Milk antibodies against Ostertagia ostertagi: relationships with milk IgG and production parameters in lactating dairy cattle
Author(s) J. Sanchez, R. J. Frederick Markham, Ian R. Dohoo, J. Sheppard, Gregory P. Keefe, K. Leslie
Journal Veterinary Parasitology
Date 2004
Volume 120
Issue 4
Start page 319
End page 330
Abstract The present study was carried out to evaluate the relationship between milk optical density ratios (ODRs) from an indirect Ostertagia ostertagi ELISA, total milk IgG levels and milk production and then establish a correction factor to adjust ODR. Five hundred and sixty composite milk samples collected from 358 cows on four dairy herds in June and August 2002 were used in this analysis. The average ODR was 0.34. A positive correlation was found between ODR and IgG values in milk, days in milk, age and log transformed somatic cell counts (SCC). However, ODR was negatively correlated with milk production. The IgG levels and ODR values were constant from 30 to 200 days in milk. However, ODRs increased from 200 days until the end of the lactation. After controlling for age, season, herd and SCC, an increase in milk production of 13 kg/day was associated with a reduction in ODR values of 0.052. The results of the present study suggest that ODR values are not greatly influenced by production factors. ODR follow the same pattern as the IgG variation across lactation and could be adjusted in order to compare ODR values obtained from high producing cows with those obtained from low producing animals.
DOI 10.1016/j.vetpar.2004.01.010

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