Gastrin release in obese Zucker rats



Title Gastrin release in obese Zucker rats
Author(s) R. A. Pederson, R. V. Campos, Catherine B. Chan, A. M. Buchan, M. B. Wheeler, J. C. Brown
Journal Regulatory Peptides
Date 1989
Volume 24
Issue 2
Start page 131
End page 142
Abstract In this study, gastrin release in the obese Zucker rat was investigated by in vivo and in vitro experiments. Obese rats exhibited normal plasma gastrin levels at 3 weeks (preobese), were moderately hypergastrinemic at 3 months and severely hypergastrinemic at 5 months, compared to lean littermates. Following oral peptone, plasma gastrin levels doubled in both lean and obese rats. Basal and vagally stimulated gastrin release from perfused stomachs was greater in obese compared to lean rats and atropine had no effect on basal gastrin release in either group. Basal somatostatin release from the perfused stomach was found not to differ in both groups of animals. Morphological studies revealed an increase in the number of gastrin-containing G-cells in adult obese rats compared to lean littermates, but not in 3-week-old pups compared to lean littermates, indicating a strong correlation between cell number and plasma gastrin levels. These data indicate that the obese Zucker rat exhibits fasting hypergastrinemia in vivo, a condition which appears after weaning and increases in severity with age. Gastrin hypersecretion persists from the vascularly perfused stomach preparation. The basal hypergastrinemia of the obese Zucker rat is independent of a hyperactive postganglionic cholinergic drive but is associated with and probably causally related to an increase in antral G-cell numbers.

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