Tracing of haematotoxic agents in water with the aid ...



Title Tracing of haematotoxic agents in water with the aid of captive fish: a study with captive adult Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in the river Don Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Author(s) N. C. Everall, C. G. Mitchell, David B. Groman, J. A. A. Johnston
Journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms
Date 1991
Volume 10
Issue 2
Start page 75
End page 85
Abstract The riverine location of haematotoxic discharges was determined by exposing adult captive Atlantic salmon to River Don water in situ. Experiments were conducted using a control group and 4 test groups at different distances downstream from a paper mill and field drain discharges. Significant changes in whole blood haemoglobin, plasma cholesterol and bilirubin in salmon from polluted sites indicated the induction of a marked bilirubinaemia in test fish. The most marked pathology occurred in salmon exposed at a site below all the major effluent inputs into the river and suggested additive/synergistic effects between discharges. Pathophysiological changes in captive test fish from the polluted area closely resembled those recorded in wild Don salmon suffering from a non-infectious hyperbilirubinaemia. The effluent cause of the pigmented syndrome in wild Don salmon appeared to be located between the reference site and a point 15 km downstream in the River Don..
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