Classifying genealogical origins in hybrid ...



Title Classifying genealogical origins in hybrid populations using dominant markers
Author(s) Lisa M. Miller
Journal Journal of Heredity
Date 2000
Volume 91
Issue 1
Start page 46
End page 49
Abstract It has been shown previously that, in studies of hybrid populations there is a high probability of error in classifying individuals as parental, F1 or F2 on the basis of analysis of their genotypes. In the present work, the effects of the number of dominant loci examined on the probability of classification errors was studied. It was assumed that only parental, F1 and F2 individuals were present in the population. 13 dominant loci from each parental population (26 loci in total) were needed to reduce error to below 5% for F2 individuals compared with a total of 13 codominant loci. The use of similar numbers of loci from both parental lines gave the highest power of identification of genealogical classes..
DOI 10.1093/jhered/91.1.46

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