Microsatellite DNA markers reveal new levels of ...



Title Microsatellite DNA markers reveal new levels of genetic variation in northern pike
Author(s) Lisa M. Miller, A. R. Kapuscinski
Journal Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
Date 1996
Volume 125
Issue 6
Start page 971
End page 977
Abstract Using single-locus microsatellite markers, higher levels of genetic variation were resolved than previously reported for northern pike (Esox lucius). 14 (AC)n.(TG)n microsatellite loci were isolated from a genomic library of northern pike. Primer pairs for the polymerase chain reaction were developed for 9 of the loci and used to assess genetic variation using fish scales as the source of DNA. In 4 populations, 4 polymorphic loci with 3 or 4 alleles at each locus were found. Average heterozygosity at all loci was 0.075. Although this level of genetic variation is the highest reported for this species, it is much lower than that found for many other fish species using microsatellite markers. Small numbers of founder fish, combined with loss of variation due to genetic drift in the small populations typical of northern pike, may explain the relatively low levels of genetic variation..

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