Culture method influences degree of growth rate ...



Title Culture method influences degree of growth rate reduction in rainbow trout following exposure to hydrogen peroxide
Author(s) V. Carvajal, David J. Speare, Barbara S. Horney
Journal Journal of Aquatic Animal Health
Date 2000
Volume 12
Issue 2
Start page 146
End page 148
Abstract We used hydrogen peroxide to reproduce gill lesions typical of a broad assemblage of gill diseases encountered in aquaculture, and examined the degree of growth rate depression that it caused. Additionally, we compared growth rates of 60 gill-damaged fish when they were either kept separate from (n=40) or cohabited with (n=20) healthy untreated fish for a period of 8 weeks. In contrast to expectations, treated fish reared separately from controls exhibited a much more dramatic decline in growth rate (30% less than controls; P<0.05) compared with those reared with controls (13% less than controls). Although the effect was transient, and persisted for only 2 weeks, it suggests that when considering the bioenergetic costs of disease, and when designing studies to quantify the costs, the interaction of diseased fish and healthy fish needs to be considered.
DOI 10.1577/1548-8667(200006)012<0146:CMIDOG>2.0.CO;2,
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