An intranuclear microsporidian in lumpfish ...



Title An intranuclear microsporidian in lumpfish Cyclopterus lumpus
Author(s) J. E. Mullins, M. Powell, David J. Speare, Richard J. Cawthorn
Journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms
Date 1994
Volume 20
Issue 1
Start page 7
End page 13
Abstract Chronic mortalities in lumpfish Cyclopterus lumpus reared in a saltwater recirculation system were associated with the presence of an intranuclear microsporidian. Morphological changes were characterized by infiltration of lymphocyte-like cells predominantly in the renal interstitium and also in the spleen, liver, gills, stomach, pyloric caecae, heart, ovary and mesenteric fat. Affected cell nuclei contained 1 to more than 6 spherical to oval eosinophilic bodies which stained poorly with haematoxylin and eosin and Giemsa. Ultrastructurally, spores were ovoid (2.1 x 1.0 micro m) with a polar tube with 11 turns. The morphology of the spores place them in the genus Enterocytozoon. These spores resemble E. salmonis in salmonids, and Microsporidia rhabdophilia in the rodlet cells of salmonids..
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