Diseases in baitfish in Ontario



Title Diseases in baitfish in Ontario
Author(s) David J. Speare, V. E. Ostland, H. W. Ferguson
Journal Canadian Veterinary Journal
Date 1990
Volume 31
Issue 12
Start page 845
Abstract Specific diseases identified from harvested wild baitfish (Notropis spp.) in Ontario included skin necrosis and/or 'tail-rot' caused by either saprophytic fungi (Saprolegnia spp.) or filamentous bacteria such as Cytophaga columnaris or C. psychrophila, furunculosis caused by Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida and large disfiguring tumour-like masses caused by maturing cysts of the myxosporidian protozoa Henneguya notropis. The advantages and disadvantages of commercial culture of baitfish are discussed briefly..

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