Perioperative use of selective alpha-2 agonists and ...



Title Perioperative use of selective alpha-2 agonists and antagonists in small animals
Author(s) Kip A. Lemke
Journal Canadian Veterinary Journal
Date 2004
Volume 45
Issue 6
Start page 475
End page 480
Abstract Alpha-2 agonists are the only single class of anaesthetic drugs that induce reliable, dose-dependent sedation, analgesia and muscle relaxation in dogs and cats. Used at low doses as adjuncts to injectable and inhaled anaesthetics, selective alpha-2 agonists dramatically reduce the amount of the anaesthetic drug required to induce and maintain anaesthesia. This reduction in anaesthetic requirements is achieved without significant depression of pulmonary function and with limited effects on cardiovascular function. Selective alpha-2 agonists can also be used postoperatively to potentiate the analgesic effects of opioids and other drugs. Given the nearly ideal pharmacodynamic profile and reversibility of alpha-2 agonists, these drugs will play a central role in balanced approaches to anaesthesia and the management of perioperative pain in healthy dogs and cats..

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