Dogs shed Neospora caninum oocysts after ingestion ...



Title Dogs shed Neospora caninum oocysts after ingestion of naturally infected bovine placenta but not after ingestion of colostrum spiked with Neospora caninum tachyzoites
Author(s) T. Dijkstra, M. Eysker, G. Schares, F. J. Conraths, W. Wouda, H. W. Barkema
Journal International Journal for Parasitology
Date 2001
Volume 31
Issue 8
Start page 747
End page 752
Abstract An experiment was carried out to determine whether bovine colostrum or placenta could be a source of infection of Neospora caninum for dogs. For this purpose, two dogs were fed bovine colostrum to which culture-derived N. caninum tachyzoites were added and two other dogs were fed placental cotyledonary tissue from N. caninum seropositive cows. One dog served as a negative control during the start of the experiment but this control dog was fed cotyledonary tissue later on. None of the dogs did produce serum antibodies to N. caninum. All three dogs that were fed cotyledonary tissue did shed N. caninum oocysts, but no oocyst shedding was seen in the two dogs that were fed colostrum with N. caninum tachyzoites. Oocyst excretion did not resume in two dogs after repeated feeding of N. caninum infected placenta. The identity of the oocysts was confirmed by a bioassay in gerbils. It is concluded that ingestion of bovine placenta by dogs is an effective mode of transmission of N. caninum from cattle to dogs.

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