HS-SPME gas chromatographic characterization of ...



Title HS-SPME gas chromatographic characterization of volatile compounds in milk tainted with off-flavour
Author(s) Aboubakar Mounchili, Jeffrey Wichtel, J. O. Bosset, Ian R. Dohoo, M. Imhof, D. Altieri, S. Mallia, Henrik E. Stryhn
Journal International Dairy Journal
Date 2005
Volume 15
Issue 12
Start page 1203
End page 1215
Abstract Milk samples, collected from nine healthy mid-lactation Holstein cows, were analysed organoleptically by two sensory panels, and chromatographically using mass spectrometry/flame ionization (MSD/FID) and olfactometric detectors. The sensory panels found that the samples collected after the cows were forage-starved for approximately 12 h were of good flavour quality, whereas at least 89% of the samples collected after they were fed baled grass silage were tainted with off-flavour characterized as "feed". The corresponding MSD/FID chromatograms revealed that 30 min post-feeding samples had significantly (p<0.05) higher concentrations of ethanol, propane-2-one, dimethyl sulphide, butane-2-one, hexanal, heptanal and octane-2,3-dione, whereas 3 h post-feeding samples showed higher concentrations of four of these compounds (propane-2-one, dimethyl sulphide, butane-2-one and hexanal). Olfactometric analysis performed on five milk samples (four off-flavoured and one of good flavour quality) revealed approximately 75 aroma-active compounds. Nearly all these compounds were common to all the analysed milk extracts (both off-flavoured and good quality samples), suggesting that off-flavour originated from the concentration differences of a common set of compounds rather than from the absence or presence of specific compounds..
DOI 10.1016/j.idairyj.2004.11.018

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