Disease, production and culling in Holstein-Friesian ...



Title Disease, production and culling in Holstein-Friesian cows. II. Age, season and sire effects
Author(s) Ian R. Dohoo, S. W. Martin, I. McMillan, B. W. Kennedey
Journal Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Date 1984
Volume 2
Issue 5
Start page 655
End page 670
Abstract Effects of age, season and sire on the occurrence of common diseases of Holstein-Friesian cows were evaluated in a two and a half year study. The data were from 2875 lactation records from 2008 cows in 32 commercial dairy herds within a 50 mile radius of Guelph, Ontario. Age patterns for all disease conditions were determined. Linear increases with age were observed for milk fever, mastitis requiring local therapy only, cystic ovaries and foot and leg problems. Quadratic relationships with age were observed for ketosis (clinical and subclinical), mastitis requiring systemic therapy, subclinical mastitis, dystocia, respiratory diseases and traumatic reticulo-peritonitis. No consistent age patterns were found for retained placentas, reproductive tract infections, abomasal displacements, teat injuries, digestive disorders and abortions. Seasonal patterns showed peaks in the risk of ketosis and cystic ovaries during the winter, and in the risk of teat injuries in the late winter or early spring. Seasonal patterns, more complex than a simple unimodal pattern, were observed for mastitis requiring local therapy only, traumatic reticulo-peritonitis and abortions. Heritability of 9 disease conditions was low or zero, with the exception of clinical ketosis..

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