Identification and biosynthetic origins of sterols ...



Title Identification and biosynthetic origins of sterols in the marine bryozoan bugula neritina
Author(s) Russell G. Kerr, R. Vicchiarelli, S. S. Kerr
Journal Journal of Natural Products
Date 1999
Volume 62
Issue 3
Start page 468
End page 470
Abstract The sterols of Bugula neritina have been isolated and characterized spectroscopically. Cholesterol was found to be the predominant sterol with C28, C29, and C30 sterols recovered as minor components. In vivo biosynthetic experiments revealed that cholesterol is the only sterol produced by de novo biosynthesis, indicating that the other sterols are of dietary origin. Further, biosynthetic experiments using in vitro techniques indicated that 24-alkylated sterols (4, 5, 7, and 8) are produced by alkylation of dietary sterols, while others are exclusively of dietary origin.
DOI 10.1021/np9804740
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