The effects of postoperative continuous passive ...



Title The effects of postoperative continuous passive motion on peripheral nerve repair and regeneration. An experimental investigation in rabbits
Author(s) H. K. Kim, Russell G. Kerr, C. B. Turley, P. J. Evans, V. Jay, R. B. Salter
Journal Journal of Hand Surgery (Edinburgh, Lothian)
Date 1998
Volume 23
Issue 5
Start page 594
Abstract The effects of continuous passive motion (CPM) on nerve regeneration following nerve repair were investigated. In 26 rabbits, the medial popliteal nerve was transected and microsurgically repaired. Half of the animals were treated with cast immobilization and the rest with 70 degrees arc CPM. Both treatments were discontinued on day 14. After sacrifice on day 100, no animal showed separation at the suture line. Mean nerve conduction velocity was slightly slower in the CPM than in the immobilization group. Mean fibre density was also slightly less in the CPM group but the difference was not significant. Mean fibre diameters, fibre diameter distributions, and soleus-muscle wet weights were similar in the two groups.
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