High protein and low trypsin inhibitor varieties of ...



Title High protein and low trypsin inhibitor varieties of full-fat soybeans in broiler chicken starter diets
Author(s) A. K. Chohan, R. M. G. Hamilton, Mary A. McNiven, J. A. MacLeod
Journal Canadian Journal of Animal Science
Date 1993
Volume 73
Issue 2
Start page 401
End page 409
Abstract In a randomized block design nutritional quality of 2 new varieties of full-fat soyabeans (SB) in broiler starter diets was evaluated. Protein sources were raw SB (39% crude protein (CP), 70 Trypsin Inhibitor Units (TIU) per g DM), autoclaved SB, autoclaved high protein (HP) SB, low trypsin inhibitor (LTI) (42 TIU/g DM) and commercially roasted SB. Diets were isonitrogenous and isoenergetic. Supplementing diets with 0.3% DL-methionine was also studied, as the antiproteolytic activity of the TI makes sulphur amino acids less available for growth. Mean body weight gain, feed conversion efficiency, DM and CP digestibilities and total carcass protein and energy content of the chickens fed HP, autoclaved or roasted SB were higher (P<0.05) than those fed on the raw SB diet. Performance of chickens fed on the HP SB diet was similar to the roasted SB diet. Growth and feed conversion of chickens fed on the LTI diet were similar to those fed on the raw SB diet. Mean pancreas weights of chickens fed on LTI were lower (P<0.001) than those fed on raw SB which could be due to the lower trypsin inhibitor activity of the LTI beans. Chickens given the methionine supplemented LTI diet had greater weight gains (P<0.05) than those on the nonsupplemented diet..
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