Liquid diets containing poultry wastes for ruminants



Title Liquid diets containing poultry wastes for ruminants
Author(s) Mary A. McNiven, J. D. Summers, S. Leeson
Journal Canadian Journal of Animal Science
Date 1976
Volume 56
Issue 2
Start page 221
End page 225
Abstract Droppings were collected every 2 days from hens on a standard maize and soya bean oilmeal diet with 17% protein. In DM crude protein was 27.5, Ca 8.5 and P 2.3%. The untreated excreta with 70% moisture was included as 30% in a diet at the expense of maize and oat husks to give a diet with 15% crude protein, with 25% moisture. For the trials it was diluted to 80% moisture. The control diet had 15% crude protein, from soya bean oilmeal, and 10% moisture and was given as such or diluted to 80% moisture. Digestibility was estimated with sheep of 37 kg, and lambs of 27 kg were fed on the diets for 8 weeks. On the liquid diets the sheep drank little water. Apparent daily retention of water was 1396 ml on the dry diet and 988 and 1157 ml on the wet control and the droppings. Digestibility of DM was 77.2, 81.9 and 75.1%, and of N was 80.2, 82.9 and 79.0%. Retention of N was 18.5, 30.9 and 20.6% of intake and digestible energy of the feeds was 3.02, 3.36 and 2.55 kcal/g DM. The lambs gained 6.5, 7.9 and 7.3 kg and required 6.93, 5.34 and 6.03 kg organic matter/kg gained..
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