Long-term bFGF neuronal culture



Title Long-term bFGF neuronal culture: reintroduction into serum medium yields neurons and non-neuronal cells with neuronal characteristics
Author(s) J. H. Eubanks, Russell G. Kerr, J. L. Perez-Velazquez, P. L. Carlen, L. R. Mills, O. T. Jones
Journal Neuroscience Letters
Date 1995
Volume 194
Issue 1-2
Start page 65
End page 68
Abstract The potential use of bFGF immortalized cells as hosts for delivering foreign genes into nervous tissue led us to examine the effect of maintaining, E-18 hippocampal neurons for extended periods in bFGF culture prior to transfer into a standard, serum-containing, medium. We found: (1) many, if not most, precursors seen in bFGF, mature into glia and not into primary neurons after medium exchange; (2) the electrophysiology of the neurons which do mature after medium transfer and replating, is similar to that of neurons in standard cultures; (3) extended culture in bFGF prior to cell harvesting and replating into standard medium generates neurons from the precursors that possess proper neuronal polarization, morphology, and electrophysiology; and (4) extended bFGF also induces the expression, on transfer into standard medium, of an additional cell type with a distinct non-neuronal morphology that stains with the neuronal marker MAP-2. These results illustrate the need for additional characterization of long-term growth factor effects on maintained progenitor cells prior to their use in gene therapy and transplantation.

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