Structure, solvatochromism, and solvation of ...



Title Structure, solvatochromism, and solvation of trans-[Co-III(cyclam)(NCS)(2)](NCS) and the structure of [Co-II(Me(4)cyclam)(NCS)](2)[Co(NCS)(4)]MeOH
Author(s) J. Burgess, J. Fawcett, Robert I. Haines, K. Singh, D. R. Russell
Journal Transition Metal Chemistry
Date 1999
Volume 24
Issue 3
Start page 355
End page 361
Abstract The structures of trans-[Co-III(cyclam)(NCS)(2)](NCS) and of [Co-II(Me(4)cyclam)(NCS)](2)[Co(NCS)(4)]. MeOH have been established by X-ray diffraction methods. The solvatochromic behavior of the trans-[Co(cyclam)(NCS)(2)](+) cation in several binary aqueous solvent mixtures is reported. Transfer chemical potentials for this complex from H2O into MeOH-H2O mixtures have been established from solubility measurements on its thiocyanate salt. The solvatochromic behavior of this cation is discussed in the context of other solvatochromic inorganic complexes; its transfer chemical potentials are discussed in relation to those of other cobalt(III) complexes.

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