Trabecular, nasal, branchial, and pericardial ...



Title Trabecular, nasal, branchial, and pericardial cartilages in the sea lamprey, Petromyzon marinus: fine structure and immunohistochemical detection of elastin
Author(s) Glenda M. Wright, L. A. Armstrong, A. M. Jacques, J. H. Youson
Journal The American Journal of Anatomy
Date 1988
Volume 182
Issue 1
Start page 1
End page 15
Abstract Immunohistochemical and ultrastructural methods were used to examine the distribution of elastin and the fine structure of the trabecular, nasal, branchial, and pericardial cartilages in the sea lamprey, Petromyzon marinus. The cells and matrix, as well as the overall organization of these components, in larval and adult trabecular cartilage resemble those of adult annular and piston cartilages (Wright and Youson: Am. J. Anat., 167:59-70, 1983) Chondrocytes are similar to those in hyaline cartilage. Lamprin fibrils and matrix granules, but no collagen fibrils, are found in a matrix arranged into pericellular, territorial, and interterritorial zones. Branchial, pericardial, and nasal cartilages differ from trabecular, annular, and piston cartilages in the organization of their matrix and in the structural components of their matrix and perichondria. Furthermore, immunoreactive elastin-like material is present within the perichondria and peripheral matrices of nasal, branchial, and pericardial cartilages in both larval and adult lampreys. Oxytalan, elaunin, and elastic-like fibers are dispersed between collagen fibers in the perichondrium. The matrix contains lamprin fibrils, matrix granules, and a band of amorphous material, which is reminiscent of elastin, in the periphery bordering the perichondrium. The presence of elastic-like fibers and elastin-like material within some lamprey cartilages implies that this protein may have evolved earlier in vertebrate history than has been previously suggested.

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