The cartilaginous skeleton of the sea lemprey: a ...



Section title The cartilaginous skeleton of the sea lemprey: a family of non-collagen-based cartilages
Section author(s) Glenda M. Wright, F. W. Keeley
Book title Vertebrate functional morphology: horizon of research in the 21st century
Book editor(s) Hiran M. Dutta, J. S. Datta Munshi
Start page 11
End page 36
Date 2001
Abstract An introduction to vertebrate functional morphology / Pieter Dullemeijer -- The cartilaginous skeleton of the sea lamprey: a family of non-collagen-based cartilages / Glenda M. Wright and Fred W. Keeley -- Evolutionary transformations of the respiratory islets of air-breathing organs in teleostean fishes / J.S. Datta Munshi and George M. Hughes -- Morphology of a fish head / Hiran M. Dutta -- Functional aspects of a morphology: fish respiration, gulping and feeding / Hiran M. Dutta -- Taste organs in lower vertebrates. Morphology of the gustatory organs in fishes / Michal Jakubowski and Krystyna Zuwala --Functional morphology and evolution of the feeding apparatus in squamates / Kenneth V. Kardong and Vincent L. Bels -- Taste organs in lower vertebrates: morphology of the taste organs in Amphibia / Krystyna Zuwala and Michal Jakubowski -- Development and ultrastructure of the amphibian lungs - scanning and transmission electron microscopy study / Lucyna Goniakowska-Witalinska -- Reproductive systems of Caudata amphibians / Mari Carmen Uribe Aranz?bal -- Functional morphology of the woodpecker feeding apparatus / Walter J. Bock -- The case of the cockatoo bill, horse hoof, rhinoceros horn, whale baleen, and turkey beard: integument as a model system to explore the concepts of homology and non-homology / Dominique G. Homberger -- The renal structure from fishes to birds / H. Ditrich -- Comparative morpho-functional description of animal vessels / Olga Gurina -- Functional morphology of the digestive system in Insectivora and Chiroptera / Natalya F. Zhukova -- Mammalian reproduction: form and function / Amjad Hossain and Hiran M. Dutta -- 3D-reconstruction: an advanced method in morphological research / Johannes Streicher.

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