The underlying cause of anti-war fervour



Title The underlying cause of anti-war fervour
Author(s) Henry F. Srebrnik
Related item Canadian Jewish News
Start page 14
Date 2003
Abstract Many of the people in the anti-war movement are also "Third Worldist" anti-globalists, and for them "American imperialism" is the enemy, with Israel considered a stalking horse for Washington. For them, it is America and Israel that constitute an "axis of evil" and two-headed monster. This is why a lot of them have or will become, willy-nilly, anti-Semites, not in the classical pre-1945 sense, where hatred of Jews was often based on religion, but rather because they will see the Jewish community, who are almost uniformly supporters of Israel, as part - indeed in the forefront - of the enemy camp, and thus opposed to the "liberation" of the peoples being crushed under the American heel.

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