BEAT Program description



Title BEAT Program description
Author(s) Mark Hemphill
Start page 35
Date 2004
Abstract This period of unprecedented innovation has introduced profound changes in our modes
of communication, distribution, and control. At reduced costs it is offering interesting
new options for networking and collaboration in circles of any size, distributed anywhere.
These changes are reconfiguring our social institutions, even our traditional notions of
education and community. And for those that can seize their potential they represent great
opportunity for business.
The Business, Education & Applied Technology (BEAT) program builds upon this
understanding. BEAT is special program that takes an applied, integrated approach to IT
training and development at the post-graduate level to foster learning, to accelerate
technology provisioning, to spark innovation, and ultimately to breed new business
Most would agree that our mutual success rides on our investments in the key areas of
community, education, innovation, and new business. This document illustrates the basic
tenets of BEAT by describing its contribution in these four areas. In the process, it
describes how BEAT is unique --not just in the areas to which it contributes but in the
it takes. BEAT places an emphasis on tools, on skills development, and on an
applied, integrated approach to working with technology in the educational process. The
reason for this approach stems from our ongoing technological transformation and the
forces of the Internet and new media. It reflects an important shift that has occurred in
our ways of communicating and learning which in turn influence innovation and new
BEAT is not a new course but a strategy to bring together students with complementary
skill sets and those who have an interest in and need for the delivery of technology
solutions. It recognizes that learning has become situated in action and intertwined with
judgment, exploration, and instant feedback.

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