Changes in the ventral dermis and development of ...



Title Changes in the ventral dermis and development of iridophores in the anadromous sea lamprey, Petromyzon marinus, during metamorphosis: an ultrastructural study
Author(s) Glenda M. Wright, K. M. McBurney
Journal Histology and Histopathology
Date 1992
Volume 7
Issue 2
Start page 237
End page 250
Abstract The ultrastructural changes that take place in the ventral dermis along with the development of iridophores were examined in the anadromous sea lamprey, Petromyzon marinus, during metamorphosis. There is a disruption of all components of the ventral dermis and a reformation that results in a structure very similar to that prior to metamorphosis. Although not a dermal component, a layer of iridophores develops directly beneath the dermis during late metamorphosis. The dermal endothelium is lost by mid metamorphosis (stage 4) and the highly organized collagenous lamellae making up the bulk of the dermis become disrupted by the migration of fibroblasts into the region. Many of these fibroblasts are involved in the degradation of the lamellae. By stage 5 of metamorphosis some fibroblasts become highly active collagen synthesizing cuboidal shaped cells that align to form a layer above the reformed dermal endothelium. New lamellae are formed by these cuboidal cells which then divide and migrate into the lamellae where they assume the characteristic attenuated appearance of fibroblasts in the adult dermal lamellae region. Iridophores first appear during stage 5 directly beneath the dermal endothelium. Reflecting platelets develop from double membraned vesicles associated with the Golgi apparatus. By late metamorphosis, stacks of trapezoidal shaped platelets fill the cytoplasm of the iridophores. The significance of the changes in the dermis during metamorphosis are discussed. This work is part of a continuing series of studies on the connective tissues in the anadromous sea lamprey.

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