Reverse transcriptase activity associated with ...



Title Reverse transcriptase activity associated with haemic neoplasia in the soft-shell clam Mya arenaria
Author(s) M. AboElkhair, A. Siah, K. F. Clark, P. McKenna, J. Pariseau, S. J. Greenwood, F. C. Berthe, A. Cepica
Journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms
Date 2009
Volume 84
Issue 1
Start page 57
End page 63
Abstract Reverse transcriptase (RT) activity has been reported in bivalves affected by haemic neoplasia (HN). Since all retroviruses have RT, detection of RT activity was regarded as evidence for the retroviral etiology of HN. This study investigates the relationship between RT levels and the progress of HN as indicated by percentages of tetraploid cells in soft-shell clams Mya arenaria. The percentages of tetraploid cells were estimated by flow cytometry, and the RT levels were quantified using TaqMan product-enhanced RT (TM-PERT) assay. Results demonstrated that the amount of RT was positively correlated with the percentage of tetraploid cells circulating in clam haemolymph (R2 = 0.974, p or = 30% tetraploidy is the stage at which the disease process undergoes a change, and perhaps becomes irreversible.
DOI 10.3354/dao02038
PubMed ID 19419007
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