Efficacy of a single topical application of ...



Title Efficacy of a single topical application of Advantage Multi (= Advocate) Topical Solution (10% imidocloprid + 2.5% moxidectin) in the treatment of dogs experimentally infected with Crenosoma vulpis
Author(s) G. Conboy, J. Hare, S. Charles, T. Settje, J. Heine
Journal Parasitology Research
Date 2009
Volume 105 Suppl 1
Start page S49
End page 54
Abstract Crenosoma vulpis is a metastrongylid lungworm of canids causing chronic respiratory disease in dogs in parts of North America and Europe. The objective of this study was to determine the efficacy of imidacloprid 10% + moxidectin 2.5% (Advantage Multi/Advocate Topical Solution) against C. vulpis infection in experimentally infected dogs. Eighteen beagles (9 M, 9 F) were each given 100 infective third-stage larvae of C. vulpis. The 16 dogs (8 M, 8 F) with the highest faecal larval counts were stratified by gender and larval counts and randomly assigned to a treatment group. Group 1 received placebo only; group 2 was given a single topical treatment of Advantage Multi/Advocate (10 mg/kg imidacloprid/2.5 mg/kg moxidectin) at 4 weeks PI. Dogs were euthanised at 8 weeks PI and the lungs were removed and examined for the presence of adult worms by lung flush. The mean (geometric) number for adult C. vulpis recovered in untreated dogs was 70.0 (range 58 to 87) compared with 0.0 in animals treated with Advantage Multi/Advocate. The resulting efficacy against C. vulpis was 100%. The number of C. vulpis was significantly lower for treated dogs than the burden shown in the untreated group (p = 0.003).
DOI 10.1007/s00436-009-1495-9

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