Hemangiosarcoma associated to disseminated ...



Title Hemangiosarcoma associated to disseminated intravascular coagulation
Author(s) Jorge Luna Del Villar Velasco, Jesus Bravo Miranda, Enrique Aburto Fernandez, Mayra Velez Hernandez
Journal Veterinaria - Mexico
Date 1995
Volume 26
Issue 3
Start page 277
End page 282
Abstract The spleen is the most common primary site for hemangiosarcoma in dogs. The tumor is characterized by rapid growth and widespread metastasis, presumably due to both its tissue of origin, the vascular endothelium, and its resultant ready access to systemic circulation. The most common clinical presentation is a palpable abdominal mass, hemoperitoneum, anemia, shock and disseminated intravascular coagulopathy. At the Small Annual Species Hospital (National Autonomous University of Mexico) arrived a German Shepherd dog, a 7 year old male with the next signs: Abdominal distention, depression and anorexia. At physical examination it showed weak pulse, cyanosis, high respiratory frequency and liquid in the abdominal cavity. The radiological study showed an image that was compatible with a peritoneal effusion. An abdominal puncture was made, and a sanguinolent liquid was obtained. Fluid therapy and blood transfusion were renovated and the hematocrit was decreased. After the therapy were established, a celiotomy extracting near 41 of intraperitoneal hemorrhagic liquid was done. Multiple tumoral nodules were observed in the spleen showing the origin of the bleeding. The liver presented several metastatic foci. A total splenectomy was performed taking also a biopsy of the hepatic nodules. The necropsy revealed large areas of hemorrhages and subcutaneous edema in the ventral abdomen. The liver had numerous subscapular hemorrhagic nodules; the other abdominal viscerae were icteric, and a few petechial hemorrhages were found on the serosae. Microscopic study of the affected organs showed primary foci of hemangiosarcoma in the spleen and metastasis to liver, epiploa and bronchial lymph nodules. There was also disseminated intravascular coagulation, because there was the presence of fibrin thrombi in alveolar capillaries in lungs and in glomerular capillaries in kidneys.

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