Jo-Ann MacDonald



NameJo-Ann MacDonald
PositionFaculty Member
Phone(902) 566-0771
BuildingHealth Sciences Building 118

Jo-Ann MacDonald


Associate Professor

BScN, Saint Francis Xavier University; MN, Dalhousie University (1993); PhD, McGill University (2011)

Dr. Jo-Ann MacDonald is an Associate Professor with the UPEI School of Nursing. She joined the School of Nursing in 2002 after completing 20 years of work experience in local and provincial public health programs. Jo-Ann’s research focuses on prevention and behavioural issues related to blood borne pathogens and sexually transmitted infections and evidence-based practice in public health.

Recent Citations

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Research Interests

  • Information, knowledge, and skills to protect sexual health
  • Harm Reduction Measures to Prevent Hepatitis C
  • Evidence-based practice in Public Health
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS in vulnerable populations
  • Promotion of School Health

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Asking to listenMacDonald, Jo-Ann; Gagnon, Anita J.; Mitchell, Claudia; Di Meglio, Giuseppina; Rennick, Janet E.; Cox, Joseph
Understanding the role of communities of practice in evidence-informed decision making in public healthMeagher-Stewart, Donna; Solberg, Shirley M.; Warner, Grace; MacDonald, Jo-Ann; McPherson, Charmaine; Seaman, Patricia
Include Them and They Will Tell YouMacDonald, Jo-Ann, M.; Gagnon, Anita, J.; Mitchell, Claudia; Di Meglio, Giuseppina; Rennick, Janet, E.; Cox, Joseph
A remediation process for nursing students at risk for clinical failureGallant, M.; MacDonald, Jo-Ann M.; Smith Higuchi, K. A. S.
Elders as mentors of nursing studentsMacDonald, Jo-Ann M.; Gallant, M.
Advanced practice nursingMacDonald, Jo-Ann M.; Herbert, Rosemary; Thibeault, C.
Trials and trails of accessing abortion in PEIMacQuarrie, Colleen; MacDonald, Jo-Ann; Chambers, Cathrine
The joint venture model of knowledge utilizationEdgar, L.; Herbert, Rosemary; Lambert, S.; MacDonald, Jo-Ann M.; Dubois, S.; Latimer, M.

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Optimizing home-based palliative careGallant, Shana M.

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