James R. Kemp



NameJames R. Kemp
PositionFaculty Member
Phone(902) 628-4343
BuildingDuffy Science Centre 438

James R. Kemp


Title: Assistant Professor

Education: PhD, Guelph (1994); BSc, Guelph (1988); Communications Studio Techniques, Loyalist College (1973)

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Research Interests

  • Pollination biology, floral development
  • Comparative studies on the structure and development of floral shoots in seed plant
  • Physiological studies that investigate the effect of nutrients on pollination, and how nutrients influence pollination success of commercial crops
  • Investigations into the movement of systemic pesticides into leaves, flowers, pollen, and nectar of agricultural crops

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Taming the wild rose.Barry, R.; Sanderson, K.; Kemp, J.
Floral development of Rosa setigera MichauxKemp, James R.; Posluszny, U.; Gerrath, J. M.; Kevan, P. G.
The squash and gourd bee, Peponapis pruinosa (HymenopteraKevan, P. G.; Mohr, N. A.; Offer, M. D.; Kemp, James R.
Cryptic dioecy and insect pollination in Rosa setigera Michx. (Rosaceae), a rare plant of Carolinian CanadaKevan, P. G.; Eisikowitch, D.; Ambrose, J. D.; Kemp, James R.
Pollination in an understory vine, Smilax rotundifolia, a threatened plant of the Carolinian forests in CanadaKevan, P. G.; Ambrose, J. D.; Kemp, James R.
Morphological differences and changes of the gynoecium iin short-lived flowers of Rosa setigera (Michaux) and their relationship in regard to dioecyKemp, James R.; Kevan, P. G.; Posluszny, U.
Taming the wild rose.Barry, R.; Sanderson, K.; Kemp, J.; Stewart-Clark, S. E.
Developmental morphology of the androecium and gynoecium in Ruppia maritima L.Lacroix, Christian R.; Kemp, James R.
Floral development of dioecious staghorn sumac, Rhus hirta (Anacardiaceae)Gallant, J. B.; Kemp, James R.; Lacroix, Christian R.

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