Judy Lynn Richards



NameJudy Lynn Richards
PositionFaculty Member
Department(s)Sociology and Anthropology
Phone(902) 566-0433
BuildingMain Building 525

Judy Lynn Richards


Title: Associate Professor (Sociology); Adjunct Researcher, University of Western Ontario

Education: BA, University of Guelph (1992); MA, University of Western Ontario (1995); PhD, University of Western Ontario (2002)

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Research Interests

  • Eldercare
  • Population Aging
  • Social Policy Development

Other Scholars in Sociology and Anthropology


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Demographic Correlates, Social Relations, and Norms as Determinants of Availability of Adult Children as Potential, Instrumental, and Basic-and-Instrumental Care ProvidersRichards, Judy-Lynn
Intergenerational fairness in reforming the CPPBeaujot, Roderic; Richards, Judy-Lynn
Housing Canada's oldest-oldRichards, Judy-Lynn; Rankaduwa, Wimal
A gendered analysis of the abuse of older adultsWeeks, Lori E.; Richards, Judy-Lynn; Nilsson, Thomy H.; Kozma, Albert; Bryanton, Olive
Exploring the impacts of volunteer hospice palliative care on spousal caregiversWeeks, Lori E.; MacQuarrie, Colleen R.; Gaudet, G.; Richards, Judy-Lynn

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