NameKaren Samis
PositionFaculty Member
Phone(902) 620-5133
BuildingDuffy Science Centre 435

Karen Samis


Assistant Professor

BSc, University of Guelph; MSc, University of Guelph (2000); PhD, Queen’s University (2007)

Dr. Karen Samis is an evolutionary ecologist interested in the evolutionary, ecological and molecular genetic factors associated with local adaptation in plants. She is particularly interested in the role these factors play in determining the extent and limits to species’ geographical distributions, and uses field biology and molecular genetic tools to ask how variation in habitat, plant and population level dynamics affect the limits to species’ geographical distributions.

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Research Interests

  •  Evolution across geographic range
  • Molecular and ecological genetics of local adaptation
  • Plant adaptations to their environments
  • The effects of hybridization on endangered species


Infrastructure funding for evolutionary and ecological genetic laboratory
  • Leaders Opportunity Fund
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation
Genetic variation in natural populations of a coastal beach plant on Prince Edward Island
  • New Scholars Grant
  • University of Prince Edward Island

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Broad geographic covariation between floral traits and the mating system in Camissoniopsis cheiranthifolia (Onagraceae)Dart, Sara R.; Samis, Karen E.; Austen, Emily; Eckert, Christopher G.
Longitudinal trends in climate drive flowering time clines in North American Arabidopsis thalianaSamis, Karen E.; Murren, Courtney J.; Bossdorf, Oliver; Donohue, Kathleen; Fenster, Charles B.; Malmberg, Russell L.; Purugganan, Michael D.; Stinchcombe, John R.
Microsatellite primers for Camissoniopsis cheiranthifolia (Onagraceae) and cross-amplification in related speciesLópez-Villalobos, Adriana; Samis, Karen E.; Eckert, Christopher G.
Are species' range limits simply niche limits writ large? Hargreaves, Anna L.; Samis, , Karen E.; Eckert, Christopher G.
Perspectives in plant ecology, evolution & systematicsSamis, Karen E.
Enhanced storage organ production in plantsMcKersie, Bryan D.; Bowley, Stephen R.; Jones, Kim S.; Samis, Karen
Genetic variation across species' geographical rangesEckert, C. G.; Samis, K. E.; Lougheed, S. C.
Ecological correlates of fitness across the northern geographic range limit of a Pacific Coast dune plantSamis, Karen E.; Eckert, Christopher G.
Testing the abundant center model using range-wide demographic surveys of two coastal dune plantsSamis, Karen E.; Eckert, Christophe-R G.
Pyramiding Mn-superoxide dismutase transgenes to improve persistence and biomass production in alfalfaSamis, Karen; Bowley, Stephen; McKersie, Bryan
Increased seed dispersal potential towards geographic range limits in a Pacific coast dune plantDarling, Emily; Samis, Karen E.; Eckert, Christopher G.
Discordant longitudinal clines in flowering time and phytochrome C in Arabidopsis thalianaSamis, Karen E.; Heath, Katy D.; Stinchcombe, John R.

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