Marion Desmarchelier



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Evaluation of a fracture pain model in domestic pigeons (Columba livia)Desmarchelier , M.; Troncy , E.; Beauchamp , G.; Paul-Murphy , J.R. ; Fitzgerald , G.; Lair , S.
Analgesic effects of meloxicam administration on postoperative orthopedic pain in domestic pigeons (Columba livia)Desmarchelier , M.; Troncy , E. ; Fitzgerald , G.; Lair , S.
Monitoring of the ventilatory status of anesthetized birds of prey by using end-tidal carbon dioxide measured with a microstream capnometerDesmarchelier, Marion; Rondenay, Yves; Fitzgerald, Guy; Lair, Stephane
Diabetes mellitus in a nanday conure (Nandayus nenday)Desmarchelier, Marion; Langlois, Isabelle
Primary hyperaldosteronism in a domestic ferret with an adrenocortical adenomaDesmarchelier, M.; Lair, S.; Dunn, M.; Langlois, I.
Surgical repair of acquired ankyloblepharon in a cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus)Pinard, Chantale L.; Fitzgerald, Guy; Desmarchelier, Marion
Mortality and morbidity associated with gunshot in raptorial birds from the province of QuebecDesmarchelier, M.; Santamaria-Bouvier, A.; Fitzgérald, G.; Lair, S.
Esophageal stricture in a cougar (Puma concolor)Desmarchelier, M.; Lair, S.; Defarges, A.; Lécuyer, M.; Langlois, I.
Detection and characterization of a Trichomonas isolate from a rehabilitated Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus)Kelly-Clark, Whitney K.; McBurney, Scott; Forzan, Maria J.; Desmarchelier, Marion ; Greenwood, Spencer J.

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