Martha Gabriel



NameMartha Gabriel
PositionFaculty Member
Phone(902) 566-0503
BuildingMemorial Hall 412

Martha Gabriel


Education: BA (Toronto); MEd (MSVU); PhD (Ottawa)

Dr. Gabriel teaches courses in undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition, she currently serves as the Faculty Development Officer for the university community. Martha's work in education has included 19 years of teaching at the elementary level in grade-level classrooms, resource, special education, and school libraries, before teaching for the past ten years at the post-secondary level.

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Research Interests

  • E-learning
  • Digital technologies and net generation learners
  • E-portfolios
  • Early child development
  • Singing as a means to learn
  • Action research
  • Teaching and learning online
  • Virtual learning groups
  • Qualitative research design
  • Literacy
  • Web2.0 technologies and pedagogy

Other Scholars in Education


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Learning togetherGabriel, Martha A.
Working togetherGabriel, Martha A.
Factors influencing adult learning in technology based firmsMacDonald, Colla J.; Gabriel, Martha A.; Cousins, J. Bradley
The demand-driven learning modelMacDonald, Colla J.; Stodel, Emma J.; Farres, Laura G.; Breithaupt, Krista; Gabriel, Martha A.
Toward a partnership model for web-based learningGabriel, Martha A.; MacDonald, Colla J.
Evaluation of web-based educational programs via the Demand-Driven Learning ModelMacDonald, Colla J.; Breithaupt, Krista; Stodel, Emma J.; Farres, Laura G.; Gabriel, Martha A.
Learning from experienceGabriel, Martha A.; Cudmore, Laura
Net generation expectations for technologyGabriel, Martha; Wiebe, Sean
Music Education ResearchCountryman, June; Gabriel, Martha; Thompson, Katherine
Recess as a site for language playCountryman, June; Gabriel, Martha A.
Four school's explore multiple literaciesGabriel, Martha A.; Doiron, Ray
Learning from a pilot project to put a college IT curriculum onlineNovaczek, Irene; Gabriel, Martha A.
Creating and maintaining your E-portfolioMacDonald, R. J.; Gabriel, Martha
Writing the digital economyWiebe, S.; Gabriel, M.; MacDonald, R.; McCauley, S.; Campbell, B.
InterchangePreston, Jane P.; Wiebe, Sean; Gabriel, Martha; McAuley, Alexander; Campbell, Barbara; MacDonald, Ron
The role of digital technologies in learningGabriel, M. A.; Campbell, B.; Wiebe, S.; MacDonald, R. J.; McAuley, A.
Technology in Prince Edward Island high schoolsPreston, Jane P. ; Wiebe, Sean ; Gabriel, Martha A. ; MacDonald, Ronald J. ; McAuley, Alexander ; Campbell, Barbara ; Moffatt, Lyndsay

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Healthy livingGillis, Irene A.K.

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