Martha Gabriel



NameMartha Gabriel
PositionFaculty Member
Phone(902) 566-0503
BuildingMemorial Hall 412

Martha Gabriel



BA (Toronto); MEd (MSVU); PhD (Ottawa)

Research interests include teaching and learning online, virtual learning groups, qualitative research design, literacy.

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Research Interests

  • E-learning
  • Digital technologies and net generation learners
  • E-portfolios
  • Early child development
  • Singing as a means to learn
  • Action research
  • Teaching and learning online
  • Virtual learning groups
  • Qualitative research design
  • Literacy
  • Web2.0 technologies and pedagogy

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Learning togetherGabriel, Martha A.
Working togetherGabriel, Martha A.
Factors influencing adult learning in technology based firmsMacDonald, Colla J.; Gabriel, Martha A.; Cousins, J. Bradley
The demand-driven learning modelMacDonald, Colla J.; Stodel, Emma J.; Farres, Laura G.; Breithaupt, Krista; Gabriel, Martha A.
Toward a partnership model for web-based learningGabriel, Martha A.; MacDonald, Colla J.
Evaluation of web-based educational programs via the Demand-Driven Learning ModelMacDonald, Colla J.; Breithaupt, Krista; Stodel, Emma J.; Farres, Laura G.; Gabriel, Martha A.
Learning from experienceGabriel, Martha A.; Cudmore, Laura
Net generation expectations for technologyGabriel, Martha; Wiebe, Sean
Music Education ResearchCountryman, June; Gabriel, Martha; Thompson, Katherine
Recess as a site for language playCountryman, June; Gabriel, Martha A.
From child-minders to professionalsBaldacchino, Anna; Doiron, Ray; Gabriel, Martha; Roach O'Keefe, Alaina; McKenna, Jessica
Learning from a pilot project to put a college IT curriculum onlineNovaczek, Irene; Gabriel, Martha A.
Creating and maintaining your E-portfolioMacDonald, R. J.; Gabriel, Martha
Four school's explore multiple literaciesGabriel, Martha A.; Doiron, Ray
Writing the digital economyWiebe, S.; Gabriel, M.; MacDonald, R.; McCauley, S.; Campbell, B.
InterchangePreston, Jane P.; Wiebe, Sean; Gabriel, Martha; McAuley, Alexander; Campbell, Barbara; MacDonald, Ron
The role of digital technologies in learningGabriel, M. A.; Campbell, B.; Wiebe, S.; MacDonald, R. J.; McAuley, A.
Technology in Prince Edward Island high schoolsPreston, Jane P. ; Wiebe, Sean ; Gabriel, Martha A. ; MacDonald, Ronald J. ; McAuley, Alexander ; Campbell, Barbara ; Moffatt, Lyndsay

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Healthy livingGillis, Irene A.K.

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