Mary Jean McCarthy



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Incidence of prenatal alcohol exposure in Prince Edward IslandBryanton, Janet; Gareri, Joey; Boswall, Diane; McCarthy, Mary Jean; Fraser, Bonnie; Walsh, Donna; Freeman, Bridget; Koren, Gideon; Bigsby, Kathy
Empowering parents through asthma educationMcCarthy, Mary Jean; Herbert, Rosemary; Brimacombe, M.; Hansen, J.; Wong, D.; Zelman, M.
The Prince Edward Island conceptual model for nursingMunro, M.; Gallant, M.; MacKinnon, M.; Dell, G.; Herbert, Rosemary; MacNutt, G.; McCarthy, Mary Jean; Murnaghan, Donna A.; Robertson, K.
Mi'kmaq children's perceptions on educationCritchley, K.; Timmons, V.; Walton, F.; Bryanton, J.; McCarthy, M.; Taylor, J.
Personal health practices around physical activity as perceived by aboriginal children of Prince Edward IslandCritchley, K.; Walton, Fiona; Timmons, V.; Bryanton, Janet; McCarthy, Mary Jean; Taylor, Jennifer P.
A comprehensive profile of health risk behaviors among students at a small Canadian universityTaylor, Jennifer P.; McCarthy, Mary Jean; Herbert, Rosemary J.; Smith, Philip B.
Nutritional concerns in aboriginal children are similar to those in non-aboriginal children in Prince Edward Island, CanadaTaylor, J. P.; Timmons, V.; Larsen, R.; Walton, F.; Bryanton, J.; Critchley, K.; McCarthy, M. J.

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