Peter Michael Foley



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Challenging cases in internal medicineDudis, T.; Foley, Peter M.; Robertson, J.
Infectious disease prevalence in a feral cat population on Prince Edward Island, CanadaStojanovic, Vladimir; Foley, Peter
A case of histoplasmosis in a dog from New BrunswickTyre, E.; Eisenbart, D.; Foley, Peter M.; Burton, Shelley A.
Cholecystadenocarcinoma in a catFoley, Peter M.; Miller, Lisa M.; Graham, K.; Bellamy, James E. C.
Ethylene glycol toxicosis in a free-ranging raccoon (Procyon lotor) from Prince Edward IslandFoley, Peter M.; McBurney, Scott R.
Serum parathyroid hormone-related protein concentration in a dog with a thymoma and persistent hypercalcemiaFoley, Peter M.; Shaw, Darcy H.; Runyon, Caroline L.; McConkey, Sandra E.; Ikede, B. O.
Malignant adrenal neuroblastoma in a young dogMarcotte, L.; McConkey, Sandra E.; Hanna, Paul E.; Foley, Peter M.; Burton, Shelley A.

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