Peter Koritansky



NamePeter Koritansky
PositionFaculty Member
Department(s)Religious Studies
Phone(902) 566-0978

Peter Koritansky


Assistant Professor, Chair

BA (Catholic University of America); PhD (Toronto)

Dr. Koritansky was born in Chardon, Ohio, where most of his family members still reside. After attending the Catholic University of America (in Washington DC) as an undergraduate, he went on to the University of Toronto in 1996 to pursue a PhD in Philosophy. In December of 2001, he defended his doctoral thesis entitled "The Question of Punishment and the Contemporary Relevance of Thomas Aquinas". He taught at Malone College and Walsh University before coming to UPEI.

Recent Citations

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Research Interests

  • Medieval moral and political philosophy
  • Catholic moral theology
  • Biomedical ethics
  • History of political thought
  • Philosophical and theological attempts to provide a basis for punitive justice


Radical Emancipation: Confronting the Challenge of Secularism
  • Travel Grant
  • University of Prince Edward Island

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