Qiang Ye



NameQiang Ye
PositionFaculty Member
Department(s)Computer Science
Phone(902) 566-6015
BuildingCass Science Hall 405

Qiang Ye


Associate Professor

PhD, Computer Science, University of Alberta; M. Engr., Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, P.R.China; B. Engr., Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, P.R.China

Dr. Qiang Ye's research interests lie in the area of Communication Networks in general. Specifically, he is interested in Wireless Sensor/Ad Hoc Networks, Mobile Computing, and Network Reliability/Security.

Recent Citations

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Research Interests

  • Communication Networks


Energy-efficient routing in wireless sensor networks
  • Major Research Grant
  • University of Prince Edward Island
Pacing to improve TCP resilience
  • Start-Up
  • University of Prince Edward Island
An RFID-based mobility tracking system
  • Engage - Regional
  • Natural Science and Engineering Council

Other Scholars in Computer Science


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On the evolution of Linux kernelsLei , Wang; Pengzhi , Yu; Zheng , Wang; Chen , Yang; Qiang , Ye
CDS-based virtual backbone construction with guaranteed routing cost in wireless sensor networksDu, Hongwei (David); Wu, Weili; Ye, Qiang; Li, Deying; Lee, Wonjun; Xu, Xuepeng
Matrix-completion approach to mobile network localizationYe, Qiang ; Cheng, Jie ; Du, Hongwei ; Jia, Xiaohua ; Zhang, Jing
WDCSLiu, Yaning; Du, Hongwei; Ye, Qiang
TCP-oriented restoration objectives for SONET/SDH networksYe, Qiang
Using simulation to test formally verified protocols in complex environmentsYe, Qiang; MacGregor, Mike H.
STCDGCheng, Jie; Ye, Qiang ; Jiang, Hongbo; Wang, Dan; Wang, Chonggang

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