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NameReligious Studies
Parent school/facultyFaculty of Arts
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Human nature, contemplation Koritansky, Peter
Yi T’oegye (1501-1570) on self-transcendenceChung, Edward
Korean Confucianism and Ecology: Guest editor's introductionChung, Edward Y.J.
Yi T’oegye on reverence (Kyǒng) for nature: A modern Neo-Confucian ecological visionChung, Edward
Sagehood and religious practice in Yi T’oegye’s Neo-ConfucianismChung, Edward
Confucian humanism as an ethical vehicle for interreligious dialogue: A comparative perspectiveChung, Edward Y.J.
Educating non-English speaking immigrant newcomers in PEI (Korean and Chinese): Facts, challenges, and opportunitiesChung, Edward Y.J.
Surviving bio-angstVelaidum, Joe
To know the place for the first timeVelaidum, Joe
Beginning to restructure the institutional churchDennis, Robert H.
Korean ConfucianismChung, Edward Y. J.
Forever proud?Dennis, Robert H.
Knowledge movement in response to coastal British Columbia oil and gas developmentBarnes, Christopher R.; Dennis, Robert H.; Hammond, Lorne F.; Johns, Marjorie J.; Kealey, Gregory S.
Social-ecological health and the history of non-renewable resources on both coastsDennis, Robert H.
The philosophy of punishment and the history of political thoughtKoritansky, Peter Karl
Thomas Aquinas and the philosophy of punishmentKoritansky, Peter Karl
Yi T’oegye (1501-70) on self-transcendenceChung, Edward Y.J.
Confucian Li and family spirituality: Reflections on the contemporary Korean tradition of ancestral ritesChung, Edward Y.J.
Yi T’oegye on the problem of ‘Evil’ and self-transcendence in neo-Confucianism: A creative Korean interpretationChung, Edward Y.J.
Yi T’oegye’s religious thought: A neo-Confucian and comparative perspectiveChung, Edward Y.J.
Yi T’oegye on Reverence for Nature: A modern Neo-Confucian ecological visionChung, Edward Y.J.
Confucian self-transcendence as the ultimate realityChung, Edward Y.J.
Religion and ethical globalization: A Confucian and comparative perspectiveChung, Edward Y.J.
Globalization and cultural identity: Conflict or assimilation in KoreaChung, Edward Y.J.
Toward a new world order: Confucian reflections on global peace and harmonyChung, Edward Y.J.
Self-transcendence as the ultimate reality in interreligious dialogueChung, Edward Y J.
Rhetorics of belief: persuasive style in the Gladstone-Reville-Huxley debatesErb, Peter C.
Towards reconciling the solitudesVelaidum, Joe
Confucian way of life and thoughtChung, Edward Y. J.
The Madonna murdersErb, Peter C.
Goddess unmaskedDavis, Philip G.
Brethren in the early eighteenth centuryErb, Peter C.
SarabandErb, Peter C.
Le christianisme va-t-il mourirErb, Peter C.
Pietism and Tractarian OxfordErb, Peter C.
Schwenkfeld and Early SchwenkfeldianismErb, Peter C.
The Wang Yang-ming school of neo-Confucianism in modern Korean intellectual historyChung, Edward Y. J.
The question of punishment and the contemporary relevance of Thomas Aquinas [microform]Koritansky, Peter Karl
John of the crossErb, Peter C.
Our Asian journeyErb, Peter C.
Let the faithful greet each otherErb, Peter C.
On peace, poetry, and powerErb, Peter C.
Responses to "The spirit and the church" by Miroslav Volf and Maurice LeePinnock, Clark H.; Demson, David E.; Dueck, Irma Fast; Erb, Peter C.
Yi Yulgok on mind, human nature and emotionsChung, Edward Y. J.
Saints and postmodernismErb, Peter C.
Goddess unmaskedDavis, Philip G.
The English reformation and ecumenical concernsErb, Peter C.
Dialectic and narrative in AquinasErb, Peter C.
ConfucianismChung, Edward Y. J.
Reply to "Towards a radical postmodern Anabaptist vision," by G J Biesecker-Mast, 13Erb, Peter C.
Medieval spirituality and the development of Protestant sectarianismErb, Peter C.
The unacceptable faceErb, Peter C.
On evilErb, Peter C.
Nearer my GodErb, Peter C.
The golden compassErb, Peter C.
Modernity on endless trialErb, Peter C.
Anabaptism in outlineErb, Peter C.
Church and stateErb, Peter C.
Justice, courtesy and loveErb, Peter C.
The double visionErb, Peter C.
The outcast doveErb, Peter C.
New Testament Christology ; problems and prospectsDavis, Philip G.; Smitheram, Verner
Reply to "Journey to a far country, premodern history as crosscultural education," by D D Martin, 11Erb, Peter C.
Mary for all ChristiansErb, Peter C.
Caspar Schwenckfeld, reluctant radicalErb, Peter C.
Newman and Aristotle on work, leisure, and liberal educationErb, Peter C.
The use of Ruusbroec among German ProtestantsErb, Peter C.
The Gospel according to TolkienErb, Peter C.
Murder, manners, mysteryErb, Peter C.
Popular Catholicism in the United StatesErb, Peter C.
Pietists, Protestants, and MysticismErb, Peter C.
The amber spyglassErb, Peter C.
The achievement of John Henry NewmanErb, Peter C.
The Peter Martyr readerErb, Peter C.
How can we knowErb, Peter C.
The great codeErb, Peter C.
Anabaptist spiritualityErb, Peter C.
Christendom and Christianity in the Middle AgesErb, Peter C.
Eberhard JungelErb, Peter C.
Lyra's Oxford Erb, Peter C.
Retrieving the tradition and renewing evangelicalismErb, Peter C.
Theology and prayerErb, Peter C.
Henry Edward Manning, Priscilla Maurice, and the pastoral care of the sickErb, Peter C.
DialogueMorrison, David; Davis, Philip G.
Karlstadt as the father of the Baptist movementsErb, Peter C.
Traditional spirituality and Mennonite lifeErb, Peter C.
Dialogue under duressErb, Peter C.
Politics and theological liberalismErb, Peter C.
The contemplative life as the unum necessariumErb, Peter C.
Theological essaysErb, Peter C.
Confucian spirituality in Yi T'oegyeChung, Edward Y. J.
Pietist spiritualityErb, Peter C.
The gospel of Mark and the Church of RomeDavis, Philip G.; Smitheram, Verner
The quest for GodErb, Peter C.
Adam ReissnerErb, Peter C.
A view from the ridgeErb, Peter C.
The goddess and the academyDavis, Philip G.
Daniel Sudermann (1550 - ca 1631)Erb, Peter C.
Against religionErb, Peter C.
For the joy set before usErb, Peter C.
Axis mundi [microform]Velaidum, Joe
These three are oneErb, Peter C.
PietistsErb, Peter C.
Canadian-Korean religiosityChung, Edward Y. J.
Divine agents, mediators, and New Testament ChristologyDavis, Philip G.
Selected worksErb, Peter C.
Confucian ethics in contemporary KoreaChung, Edward Y. J.
Confucian-Christian dialogue revisitedChung, Edward Y. J.
Typology and theology in Northrop Frye's biblical hermeneuticVelaidum, Joe
Yi T'oegye on the learning of reverential seriousness (Ky o nghak)Chung, Edward Y. J.
The medieval sources of PietismErb, Peter C.
The other CeltsDavis, Philip G.
Words with powerErb, Peter C.
Contemplation and action in the modern worldErb, Peter C.
The Korean neo-Confucianism of Yi T?oegye and Yi YulgokChung, Edward Y. J.
Confucianism and women in modern KoreaChung, Edward Y. J.
Thomas MertonErb, Peter C.
Yi Yulgok's (neo-Confucian) practical learning and its influence on the Sirhak school in KoreaChung, Edward Y. J.
The mysticism of innerworldly fulfillmentErb, Peter C.
Yi Yulgok, a Neo-Confucian political reformer in sixteenth-century KoreaChung, Edward Y. J.
Thomas MertonErb, Peter C.
Unity in the church, or, The principle of CatholicismM?hler, Johann Adam; Erb, Peter C.
Faith, reason and theologyErb, Peter C.
Serpent on the rockErb, Peter C.
What is spirituality?Erb, Peter C.
Gottfried Arnold (1666-1714)Erb, Peter C.
After writingErb, Peter C.
Vernacular material for preaching in ms Cambridge University library Ii III 8Erb, Peter C.
Gerhard Tersteegen, Christopher Saur, and Pennsylvania sectariansErb, Peter C.
The subtle knifeErb, Peter C.
280 paradoxes of wondrous sayingsErb, Peter C.
On Being the ChurchErb, Peter C.
Schwenkfelders in AmericaErb, Peter C.
Defining "radical pietism"Erb, Peter C.
Confucianism in contemporary Korean societyChung, Edward Y. J.
Classical studies and the German PietistsErb, Peter C.
The soul as virgin wifeErb, Peter C.
The role of philosophy in the contemporary abortion debateKoritansky, Peter Karl
Yi T'oegye on the neo-Confucian learning of principle and mindChung, Edward Y. J.
Anabaptism and asceticismErb, Peter C.
Towards reconciling the solitudesVelaidum, Joe
A question of sovereignityErb, Peter C.
Christian Lesher's "Spiritual Magazine"Erb, Peter C.
[Review of the book Northrop Frye on religion: Excluding the great code and words with power, ed. Jean O'Grady and Alvin A. Lee]Velaidum, Joe
[Review of the book Northrop Frye on modern culture, by Northrop Frye]Velaidum, Joe

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