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Allometry of cetacean forelimb bonesDawson, Susan D.
Distribution of 5-HT1 binding sites in cat spinal cordPubols, L. M.; Bernau, N. A.; Kane, L. A.; Dawson, Susan D.; Burleigh, A. L.; Polans, A. S.
Neuromuscular anatomy and evolution of the Cetacean forelimbCooper, Lisa Noelle; Dawson, Susan D.; Reidenberg, Joy S.; Berta, Annalisa
Effects of melatonin and propranolol on sleep of the ratMendelson, W. B.; Gillin, J. C.; Dawson, Susan D.; Lewy, A. J.; Wyatt, R. J.
Evolution of hyperphalangy and digit reduction in the Cetacean manusCooper, Lisa Noelle; Berta, Annalisa; Dawson, Susan D.; Reidenberg, Joy S.
Changes in substance P and 5-HT binding in the spinal cord dorsal horn and lamina 10 after dorsolateral funiculus lesionsBernau, N. A.; Dawson, Susan D.; Kane, L. A.; Pubols, L. M.
EEG and REM sleep studies in deaf peopleRobinson, L. D.; Dawson, Susan D.
Patterns of ossification in the manus of the harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)Dawson, Susan D.
Modifying psychotherapeutic techniques to meet the needs of chronic schizophrenicsRevere, V. L.; Rodeffer, C. J.; Dawson, Susan D.; Bigelow, L. B.
Bioaccumulation and subcellular partitioning of zinc in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)Sappal, Ravinder; Burka, John; Dawson, Susan; Kamunde, Collins
Local and regional anesthesiaLemke, Kip A.; Dawson, Susan D.
Definitive radiation therapy for infiltrative thyroid carcinoma in dogsPack, LeeAnn; Roberts, R. E.; Dawson, Susan D.; Dookwah, H. D.
Impact of outcome-based assessment on student learning and faculty instructional practicesDawson , S.D. ; Miller , T.; Goddard , S.F.; Miller , L.M.

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