Shannon Fitzpatrick



NameShannon Fitzpatrick
PositionFaculty Member
Department(s)Mathematics and Statistics
Phone(902) 566-0619
BuildingCass Science Hall 411

Shannon Fitzpatrick


Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Associate Professor

BSc (Honours), Saint Mary's University (1992); MMath, University of Waterloo (1993); PhD, Dalhousie University (1997)

Dr. Fitzpatrick, a graph theorist, uses points (vertices) connected by lines (edges) to model relationships focusing on pursuit games and searching graphs. She works to find the most efficient search techniques for particular classes of graphs. Graph theory has many applications; for example, it could explain how a computer virus is spread.

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Research Interests

  • Graph Theory
  • Combinatorics

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Edge-critical cops and robber in planar graphsFitzpatrick, Shannon L.
Edge contraction and cop-win critical graphsCameron, Ben; Fitzpatrick, Shannon
A note on the Grundy number and graph productsClarke, Nancy E.; Finbow, Stephen; Fitzpatrick, Shannon; Messinger, Margaret-Ellen; Milley, Rebecca; Nowakowski, Richard J.
Edge critical cops and robberClarke, N. E.; Fitzpatrick, S. L.; Hill, A.; Nowakowski, R. J.

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