Yingwei Wang



NameYingwei Wang
PositionFaculty Member
Department(s)Computer Science
Phone(902) 566-0499
BuildingCass Science Hall 407

Yingwei Wang


Assistant Professor

BSc (Harbin Institute of Technology), MSc (Harbin Institute of Technology), PhD (Waterloo)

Dr. Yingwei Wang is a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. He obtained his Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Harbin Institute of Technology, China, and his Ph.D. degree at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Dr. Wang's research interests include cloud computing and bioinformatics. In the area of Cloud Computing, his major contribution is that he proposed the cloud-dew architecture. The cloud-dew architecture not only makes the personal data stored in the cloud continuously accessible by the user, but also enables a new application: web-surfing without an Internet connection. In the area of bioinformatics, Dr. Wang's theoretical contribution is that he discovered the determinants of genomic signatures. His practical contributions in this area are salmon viruses ISAV and PRV mutation and transmission analyses. These analyses are helpful in aquaculture disease prevention, police making, and further research.

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Research Interests

  • Cloud computing; bioinformatics

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