Naturally occurring viral enteritis in captive coyoteslmiller
Myelitis associated with protozoal infections in newborn calveslmiller
Histopathology of the swim bladder of the cisco due to the presence of the nematode Cystidicola farionis Fischerlmiller
Idiopathic pleuritis and pleural effusion associated with birefringent material in a doglmiller
Chemical imaging of microstructures of plant tissues within cellular dimension using synchrotron infrared microspectroscopylmiller
Effects of maternally transferred organochlorine contaminants on early life survival in a freshwater fishlmiller
Scrapie-infected cells, isolated prions, and recombinant prion protein: a comparative studylmiller
Isolation of feline coronaviruses from two cats with diverse disease manifestationslmiller
Myospherulosis in the subcutis of a doglmiller
A comparison of functional and structural consequences of the tyrosine B10 and glutamine E7 motifs in two invertebrate hemoglobins (Ascaris suum and Lucina pectinata)lmiller
Fourteen new polymorphic equine microsatelliteslmiller
Historical analysis of genetic variation reveals low effective population size in a northern pike (Esox lucius) populationlmiller
Mosaic analysis using a ncl-1 (+) extrachromosomal array reveals that lin-31 acts in the Pn.p cells during Caenorhabditis elegans vulval developmentlmiller
xol-1 acts as an early switch in the C. elegans male/hermaphrodite decisionlmiller
Microsatellite DNA markers reveal new levels of genetic variation in northern pikelmiller
Reply - Estimation of selection differentials from fish scales: a step towards evaluating genetic alteration of fish size in exploited populationslmiller
Ataxia and weakness associated with fourth ventricle vascular anomalies in two horseslmiller
Toxicity associated with zinc sulfate footbaths for sheeplmiller
Peripheral nerve sheath tumor of the diaphragm with osseous differentiation in a one-year-old doglmiller
Microsatellite markers from a microdissected swine chromosome 6 genomic librarylmiller
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