Myelitis associated with protozoal infections in newborn calveslmiller
Histopathology of the swim bladder of the cisco due to the presence of the nematode Cystidicola farionis Fischerlmiller
Naturally occurring viral enteritis in captive coyoteslmiller
Idiopathic pleuritis and pleural effusion associated with birefringent material in a doglmiller
Prostatic carcinoma in dogslmiller
Isolation of feline coronaviruses from two cats with diverse disease manifestationslmiller
Fourteen new polymorphic equine microsatelliteslmiller
Nitration and increased alpha-synuclein expression associated with dopaminergic neurodegeneration in equine pituitary pars intermedia dysfunctionlmiller
Peripheral nerve sheath tumor of the diaphragm with osseous differentiation in a one-year-old doglmiller
Toxicity associated with zinc sulfate footbaths for sheeplmiller
Ataxia and weakness associated with fourth ventricle vascular anomalies in two horseslmiller
Microsatellite DNA markers reveal new levels of genetic variation in northern pikelmiller
A MAP kinase homolog, mpk-1, is involved in ras-mediated induction of vulval cell fates in Caenorhabditis eleganslmiller
Classifying genealogical origins in hybrid populations using dominant markerslmiller
Null mutations in the lin-31 gene indicate two functions during Caenorhabditis elegans vulval developmentlmiller
Demographics and career path choices of graduates from three Canadian veterinary collegeslmiller
A comparison of functional and structural consequences of the tyrosine B10 and glutamine E7 motifs in two invertebrate hemoglobins (Ascaris suum and Lucina pectinata)lmiller
Effects of corticosteroid treatment on survival time in dogs with chronic hepatitis: 151 cases (1977-1985)lmiller
xol-1 acts as an early switch in the C. elegans male/hermaphrodite decisionlmiller
Characterization of inherited canine myasthenia gravislmiller
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