Publish at UPEI highlights the various services the Robertson Library and UPEI provide in facilitating the process of scholarly publishing and knowledge dissemination in general.

Open Access

In 2012 UPEI's Senate passed an open access policy, which encourages University staff and students to deposit their scholarly work in the institution's research database, IslandScholar. UPEI is committed to supporting an open access foundation that recognizes the importance of equitable and open access to the world's scholarly literature via IslandScholar and related initiatives. Some of these services are listed below. If you would like to learn more about Open Access and the services the Robertson Library provides, please contact Donald Moses or Kim Mears.

Open Access Journals

One of the most common ways to support open access is by publishing journals using an open access license. Open access licenses vary in their details, but commonly provide free and open access to journal articles and ensure that the scholars retain the copyright for their works.

Journals Hosted @ UPEI

Scholars at UPEI provide online access to other journals using other means, such as via a Library-maintained VRE, or via an institutional website. The following journals are also published at UPEI and/or edited by UPEI scholars.


Monographs and Presses


The Library provides access to Pressbooks, an easy-to-use web-based book writing software that lets you create a book in a variety of electronic and print formats. If you are considering the creation of an open textbook, scholarly monograph, report, or another type of publication, the Library can help you utilize this software. 

IIS Press

The Island Studies Press publishes books on the history, literature, culture, and environment of Prince Edward Island; and scholarly books of comparative studies of Prince Edward Island and other islands. You can get more information about the Island Studies Press via their website.

Espresso Book Machine

The Robertson Library is committed to preserving and providing access to the print history of Prince Edward Island. It fulfills this mission in a number of ways including:

  • its ongoing development of its Prince Edward Island Collection and University Archives,
  • digitization projects, most notably the Island Lives Project, that provide access to these resources to researchers, students and all interested individuals in the Island community and around the world.


The Library's purchase of an Espresso Book Machine helps us complete the circle--from print to digitization, to print again--allowing us to put the print heritage of Prince Edward Island in the hands of Islanders. The EBM system can be used to print copies of works (assuming appropriate permission has been obtained) as well as original works, in a perfect binding complete with colour cover. If you would like to learn more about the EBM check our website or contact Wendy Henderson.