Tool for estimating the risk of anthropogenic spread ...



Title Tool for estimating the risk of anthropogenic spread of Batrachochytrium denrobatidis between water bodies
Author(s) S. St-Hilaire, M. Thrush, T. Tatarian, A. Prasad, E. Peeler
Journal EcoHealth
Date 2009
Volume 6
Issue 1
Start page 16
End page 19
Abstract Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) is a chytrid fungus, which has been associated with numerous amphibian mortality events around the world. It is hypothesized that Bd was inadvertently spread through human activities. We have developed a basic risk assessment tool to better understand the potential risk of transferring Bd between water bodies through field activities, and to target disinfection strategies which reduce the risk of spreading Bd. The questions in the risk assessment focus on the likelihood of Bd being present at sites, the likelihood of transferring the pathogen from one site to another, and the impact of transferring the pathogen. Identified risk factors include the presence of amphibians in the visited areas, the presence of Bd in one or more of the sites and in the surrounding area, the number of visitors to the sites, direct contact with amphibians, and the sharing of equipment between sites. The risk assessment tool can be found on the Internet at:
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