The effect of neurogenic stimulation on the ...



Title The effect of neurogenic stimulation on the development and growth of bony tissues
Author(s) G. A. Bubenik, A. B. Bubenik, E. D. Stevens, A. G. Binnington
Journal The Journal of Experimental Zoology
Date 1982
Volume 219
Issue 2
Start page 205
End page 216
Abstract In order to elucidate the mechanisms of neurogenic control of bone development and growth, the effects of traumatic and electric stimulation on the development, size, and shape of antler bone tissue were investigated. Unilateral growth of antler in a female deer was initiated after traumatic stimulation of the frontal bone. Electrical stimulation of antler nerves or antler periosteum resulted in an increase in more than 70% in antler length and over 40% in weight. Stimulation of antler nerves also resulted in abnormal shape of antlers. The role of periosteal nerves and the participation of the central nervous system in the responses to stimulation is discussed.
DOI 10.1002/jez.1402190210

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