Some aspects of gas exchange in tuna



Title Some aspects of gas exchange in tuna
Author(s) E. Don Stevens
Journal Journal of Experimental Biology
Date 1972
Volume 56
Issue 3
Start page 809
End page 823
Abstract In a recent paper Brown & Muir (1970) analysed the function of tuna gills from a theoretical viewpoint. Their analysis was based on Muir's work on the anatomy of tuna gills (Muir, 1969; Muir & Hughes, 1969; Muir & Kendall, 1968), and some assumptions on the physiology of tuna. In the present paper an attempt is made to relate some measurements of the variables affecting respiration to the theoretical analysis by Brown and Muir. I have measured the amount of water passing over the gills, the fraction of oxygen removed from the water, and the drop in hydrostatic pressure as water passes over the gills. These data were used to calculate oxygen uptake and the resistance the gills offer to water flow. In addition, I have measured the partial pressure of oxygen in blood afferent and efferent to the gills and have used this informa- tion to calculate effectiveness of gas transfer using the equations derived by Randall, Holeton & Stevens (1967).
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