Polymerization of methacrylates containing cationic ...



Title Polymerization of methacrylates containing cationic cyclopentadienyliron moieties.
Author(s) Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz, Erin K. Todd, Guozhang Ma, Joseph DiMartino
Journal Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers,
Date 2000
Volume 10
Issue 4
Start page 265
End page 272
Abstract A novel approach to the synthesis of polymethacrylates containing cationic cyclopentadienyliron moieties pendent to their side chains was accomplished via the use of π-coordinated organoiron complexes. The complexed methacrylates were polymerized in the presence of AIBN to give soluble organoiron polymethacrylates (6a and 6b, 10, 14a and 14b) in 80–90% yields. Photolytic demetallation of the organoiron polymers allowed for the isolation of their organic analogues (7a and 7b, 11, 15a and 15b) whose weight average molecular weights ranged from 48,500 to 68,300.
DOI 10.1023/A:1016698924738

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