Metallodendrimers and their potential utilitarian ...



Paper title Metallodendrimers and their potential utilitarian applications.
Paper author(s) Seok-Ho Hwang, George R. Newkome
Proceedings title Section Title: Chemistry of Synthetic High Polymers
Date 2007
Abstract A review. The unique features of dendritic architecture and the rich chem. of organo-transition metal complexes were combined in metallodendrimers to create the potential for a wide range of utilitarian applications. Because dendrimers allow scientists to probe the twilight zone between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis and to apply the techniques assocd. with combinatorial-type chem., diverse new areas of the nano-world have became accessible. Since many new avenues in supramol. chem. were opened by organometallic complexes, metallodendrimers will continue to play an important role in not only organometallic chem. and polymer science, but also in material science. These new interfaces will be rich areas for future science to pursue. [on SciFinder(R)]

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