The effect of high-pressure spraying for tunicate ...



Title The effect of high-pressure spraying for tunicate control on byssal thread characteristics in the cultured blue mussel (Mytilus edulis Linnaeus, 1758)
Author(s) C. J. Arens, S. C. Paetzold, J. Davidson, JM Hanson, A. Locke
Journal Aquatic Invasions
Date 2011
Volume 6
Issue 4
Start page 507
End page 510
Abstract Mussel growers in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, currently use high-pressure water spraying (~700 psi) to mortally injure
or dislodge invasive tunicates from mussel product and gear. An added benefit of this process may be the stimulation of byssal
thread production, leading to improved mussel attachment. This study measured byssal thread abundance and thickness in
cultured blue mussel Mytilus edulis exposed to high-pressure spraying either once, five times (every three weeks), or not at all
(control). No significant differences were observed in number or width of byssal threads between treatments indicating routine
high-pressure spraying does not affect mussel attachment strength.

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